Engagement Session Inspiration

When planning engagement sessions with my couples, I always love it if they do something that they typically like to do together. This makes sessions more relaxed and comfortable and also let’s their personalities shine! However, if a couple is ever at a loss for what to do, I love to share some inspiration with them! Below you will find a few ideas for your upcoming engagement session and a mini mood board to help you prepare!

If you’ve already take your engagement pictures, did you do anything special, what was something that helped you prepare? I’d love to know!

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At Home


I love the idea of doing at home session for your engagement. It is one of the best ways to get natural, unposed pictures. You get to do life together but just with a camera there! Whether you like to read, cook, play board games or drink coffee/wine, it makes for such a comfortable environment.




Okay, so this is kind of the opposite! This type of session is for those who want to be GLAM! Dress up all fancy, pop some champagne and go all out for their session! I love this because there aren’t a ton of occasions to dress up to the nines and wear a formal outfit!



Engagement Picnic.png

There is something seriously romantic about a sweet picnic. Bring the wine, cheese and whatever else your heart desires and you’ll have such a fun (and yummy) time! The great thing about doing a picnic is that it can be just about as ‘nice’ or as casual as you’d like it to be!


By the water

By the water engagement.png

While we don’t have the ocean near by here in Kentucky, there are so many other ways to incorporate water into your session! Whether it be the lake, a pond or a nearby creek, there are plenty of options!



field engagement.png

I personally love a good field. This is for the couple that doesn’t want any distractions when it comes to their session. A beautiful flowy dress in a field is what dreams are made of!



city engagement.png

This could be the city you live in or the city you fell in love in. City sessions make for really cool, beautiful images. The architecture speaks for itself and creates a lively buzz for your session.

Laura's Advice: Why You Should Print Your Pictures


“Don’t let you pictures grow up to be jpegs”

I think all photographers can agree, printing your images is one of the most important parts of having your pictures taken! Whether or not that is creating an album, a family yearbook, prints to hand on your walls or just a box of prints to look through, getting your images off of your computer is so important!

I read this quote somewhere and I believe that it says more than I could, I don’t have the source, but these are not my words :)

“I believe in the value of a printed photograph. I believe that a family’s memories should be preserved and passed down - reminisced over and treasured. I believe that photographs should be a part of our daily lives - a tangible reminder of a time that was precious and dear, and people that are loved and missed. I believe that our generation’s legacy is too important to trust to technology that will certainly become obsolete. I believe that photographers leave a legacy that will only be fully appreciated years from now.”

Friend, if you are reading this a want to start printing your photos, whether that be your wedding images or the ones you take on your phone of your dog (guilty!) Here’s my advice:

  • I would suggest using Artifact Uprising, they are a wonderful company to print through and create albums with.

  • Talk with your photographer! They would love to help you print your images

  • If you are one of my clients, you can order your prints directly through your online gallery!

Laura's Advice: Should You do a First Look?


I want to start by saying, your photographer should never, ever force you to do something you do not want to do on your wedding day. This should go without saying, but I have heard too many stories about photographers forcing opinions, posing, etc. on their couples. Remember it is your day, you get to decide what you will and will not be doing :)

With that being said, I get asked the question “should we do a First Look?” and here is my response, “it is completely up to you!” It is truly such a personal decision and there are a lot of factors that play into making this decision.

A few things to consider when making a decision:

  • Will it make you anxious to not see your groom before the ceremony?

  • How will the light be on your wedding day? Will it be dark outside when your ceremony is over?

  • Will you want a private moment with your groom before walking down the aisle?

  • Do you want to head straight to your reception after your ceremony? Get to mingle and enjoy cocktail hour with your guests?

Regardless of what you decide, the moment you see your groom, whether that is walking down the aisle, or during a private First Look, will be one of the sweetest moments of your entire day!