Laura's Advice: Why You Should Print Your Pictures


“Don’t let you pictures grow up to be jpegs”

I think all photographers can agree, printing your images is one of the most important parts of having your pictures taken! Whether or not that is creating an album, a family yearbook, prints to hand on your walls or just a box of prints to look through, getting your images off of your computer is so important!

I read this quote somewhere and I believe that it says more than I could, I don’t have the source, but these are not my words :)

“I believe in the value of a printed photograph. I believe that a family’s memories should be preserved and passed down - reminisced over and treasured. I believe that photographs should be a part of our daily lives - a tangible reminder of a time that was precious and dear, and people that are loved and missed. I believe that our generation’s legacy is too important to trust to technology that will certainly become obsolete. I believe that photographers leave a legacy that will only be fully appreciated years from now.”

Friend, if you are reading this a want to start printing your photos, whether that be your wedding images or the ones you take on your phone of your dog (guilty!) Here’s my advice:

  • I would suggest using Artifact Uprising, they are a wonderful company to print through and create albums with.

  • Talk with your photographer! They would love to help you print your images

  • If you are one of my clients, you can order your prints directly through your online gallery!