Happy Birthday George!


I just want to put a disclaimer on this post by saying, I know that I may sound ridiculous in some parts, but dog mom’s out there, I know you feel me. Having a dog is probably not like having children, but I’ve never done that, so I only know what I know, ya feel? But also I feel like I love my dog more than most people so who cares.

I can’t believe my sweet George is a whole year old. It feels like just yesterday I picked up that sweet 7 week old puppy. The moment I got him, something shifted in me, I can’t describe it, but I’ve never had that level of responsibility placed on me. He was so little and innocent, completely dependent on me. While there have been days that have been hard and I’ve had to give up a very carefree lifestyle, I couldn’t imagine life without him. He makes me smile more and laugh harder. I feel like my heart grew 10x bigger. I didn’t know it was possible to love a fuzzy face so much. Also everyone who meets George loves him, and it brings me so much joy to see the way he brings smiles to so many people’s faces.

I love George so much and can’t even think about my days without him.