Fun Friday: Ten Things You May Not Know About Me


I personally really love learning about people. It’s one of my favorite things. Getting to know something about someone that isn’t common knowledge is the best. That is why I decided to share 10 things you may not know about me on this Fun Friday post! I hope you feel like you know me a little bit better after reading this!

IMG_2747 2.JPG
  1. I really, really, really love Chick Fil A. You may know this if you’re a close friend of mine, and occasionally I talk about my love of CFA on Instagram. I would even start to call this love an addiction. It’s really the only meal I actually crave, and I really hope one day my proposal includes Chick Fil A in some way. (Yes, I’m dead serious)

  2. I love home design! One of my dreams someday is to flip houses! Serious Joanna Gaines wannabe, but who isn’t?

  3. However, the one thing Jo and I don’t have in common is that I’m not really a plant person. I have dreams of becoming one, but it has yet to happen. I have killed every single house plant that I’ve owned, and things aren’t really looking up for me.

  4. I’m pretty positive I’m a 9 on the Enneagram. However, I’m not really all that into it and don’t really care (oops!)

  5. My all time favorite mascara is Bobbi Brown’s Eye Opening Mascara. It’s the same one Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam wears and I’m obsessed. I’m not a huge makeup person, but that stuff I swear by!

  6. If I wasn’t a photographer I think I probably would be a real estate agent or a counselor! I really like working with people!

  7. I am a hard core introvert but also a major people person! I love doing things on my own and don’t mind spending time alone at all. But I really truly love being around others! I hope I’m not alone in this!

  8. I’m obsessed with stationary, paper goods and all things packaging! If I ever send you something expect it to be all done up! Also wax seals are my love language!

  9. I actually really enjoy laundromats. I think it started (actually I know it started) the summer I worked at Pine Cove (a summer camp) and we had to wash our clothes at laundromats on the weekends. Ever since then, if I need a quiet moment I take all my laundry and a good book and post up at a laundromat. It takes so much less time to do laundry and it’s really relaxing!

  10. I despise cooking. I don’t enjoy it, I wish I didn’t have to do it. Any tips for getting better at this, I’m all ears