Stephanie + Jeremy | Louisville, Kentucky Film Wedding


Goodness gracious, it’s crazy to think that I’m writing this blog post about my dear friend Stephanie’s wedding. Even though she and Jeremy got married back in October, something about this post makes me emotional. It’s probably because Stephanie was one of my first dear friends I met in Lexington and we have done so much life together! I remember meeting her at Buffalo Wild Wings one night after church and instantly bonding over our mutual love of the Jonas Brothers (true story). It was from then on that we developed such a sweet friendship! It has been so amazing to have walked through so many seasons of life!

Steph and Jeremy are the sweetest couple. They are both so kind and complement each other so well, they put others above themselves and truly love The Lord with all that they are. Their wedding day was so much fun but was filled with so many precious moments. People just love being around Steph and Jeremy and they make everyone feel welcomed and loved. They are truly some of the best people that I know!