My Journey with Photography

Second shot for the wonderful Lyndsey A. Photography

Second shot for the wonderful Lyndsey A. Photography

The question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" has always evoked a difference response from me depending on my age or season of life. For a while I wanted to be a dolphin trainer, a lawyer, a doctor, a nurse and even a professional babysitter. I never thought in a million years being a photographer was even an option, or a dream of mine.

I remember the first time I stumbled on to a professional photographers website and blog and realized that there was something magical about it. I would peruse the site for hours always wanting to see what the next wedding or session was. It still never occurred to me that it was truly photography that I was loving. 

My sophomore year of college I took a basic intro to digital photography course as a part of my minor requirement. During this class I took some pretty awful photographs, but I learned how to operate a DSLR camera and shoot in manual mode. My confidence grew in this area, but I still hadn't fallen in love with photography. Fast forward to the second semester of junior year, I took a more advanced course in digital photography, and received my own camera as a Christmas present. This is where I began to truly love photography. Past the class projects, I loved getting out there and capturing the every day life around me. 


I shared with a friend about a year ago that it was my dream to be a photographer. I had never spoken those words aloud, and wasn't even sure if that was something that was possible. But like only the Lord can do, He made a way. He continued to tug at my heart for months and used others to confirm the gifts and talents that He gave me.

I won't say that it has been smooth sailing from there, because it hasn't. I've struggled with comparison and with taking the leap. But it has been so, so rewarding. Seeing the Lord bring to fruition the dreams in my heart and continue to stir a passion for photography and people has been the coolest thing ever.

I'm not exactly sure where this story will continue to go, but I know that the Lord is guiding me and He is using me to further His Kingdom with the passions and gifts that He has so graciously given me.

I hope that in some way this story has inspired you to trust the Lord with your dreams and plans. Because He is so good.