July 2019 Goals


Hellloooo July! I am so grateful you are here. I’m ready for a clean slate and some newness around this place! Also, there is something so wonderful about starting a new month on a Monday! Anyone else feel that?! I love the fresh start of the week and the month all at the same time!

Can you believe that we are halfway through the year? To me I like to reflect on the past six months and evaluate where I am with my goals and vision for the year. To be honest, this year has kicked my tail, and not just these past 6 months but honestly the last 12. It’s hard to share that, but it’s important to be vulnerable and share the failures just as much as the wins. If you haven’t made progress on your goals, I am right there with you. It’s easy to think that if we have failed in certain areas that means we have failed in all areas, but that’s not true, so I’m counting my wins and encourage you to do the same.

2019 Wins

  1. Cultivated my blog and posted consistently (so glad you are here!!)

  2. Created a client experience system in my business that I am proud of and able to maintain!

  3. Learned and grew in my knowledge of film photography through workshops and conferences (and plain ole experience)

  4. Invested in a small group and those friendships

  5. Asked for help (HUGE win)

While I am proud of the wins that I’ve had I know that there is still so much work left to be done. I want to finish the year stronger than I started it (if I’m being honest this shouldn’t be hard, but it might!)

July Goals

  1. Keep up with the blog posting

  2. Write out 5 Gratitudes every morning before I get out of bed

  3. Make my bed every morning (sigh)

  4. Shoot 4 weddings!!

  5. Move my body at least once everyday


Meghan + Madison Lexington Film Engagement Session

Downtown Lexington Engagement Session Talon Winery Picnic Engagement Session Gal Meets Glam Anthropologie Dress Laura Bodnar Photography Lexington Wedding Photographer Film Photography_0006-1.jpg

Meghan and I chatted for the first time this past January. After a nearly two hour long conversation over delicious coffee she immediately felt like such a dear friend. I always love it when this happens, when clients become friends, it always translates so well in their photos, and Meghan and Madison are proof of that! We got to spend the evening all around Lexington, from downtown in Gratz Park (where Madison proposed!) to Transy’s campus (where Meghan went to school) and then out to rolling hills of Talon Winery for a picnic! Getting to capture Meghan and Madison in a place where their love story first began, to where they have started to put down roots is so special! I love that we got to see all different sides of Lexington!

You all are such a special couple and I cannot wait for your wedding! August can’t come soon enough!

Film Processing: PhotoVision

This is the light post where Madison proposed!

This is the light post where Madison proposed!